Buttefly Smart City

Perfect for keeping tabs on what is in the air around your plant, the Butterfly Smart City monitoring station has been designed to collect data from a variety of gas and environmental sensors and present the readings in an easy- to-understand graphical interface.

The Butterfly can be tailormade in the type and number of detectors to meet the specific needs of application.

All the data are sent to the server via GPRS technology and get stored on an FTP area; when limits of concentration are exceeded, the device sends out alarms in the form of email notifications.

Sensors used in the Butterfly Smart City

  • sulfur compounds SO2 and H2S (typically released by wastewater treatment and pulp & paper plants),
  • ammonia NH3 (aerobic plants)
  • methane CH4
  • ozone O3, nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), carbon monoxide CO and carbon dioxide CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC and hydrocarbons) and chlorides Cl2
  • 5, PM10, PM1
  • noise
  • meteorological parameters

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