The VeriFinder is an ergonomically balanced handheld radio-isotope identification device (RIID) with patented and field-proven Discovery Technology®. It provides simple colorcoded isotope classification alongside high accuracy radiation detection and isotope identification where similar instruments struggle.

Key Features:

  • Superior resolution: High certainty simultaneous ID of multiple and masked isotopes with low false alarm rate.
  • Fast start-up time: 45s from switch-on to detection.
  • Smart wireless connectivity: Email instant and automatically generated reports using Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Extensive reach-back capabilities: Supports remote, real-time monitoring and control of in-the-field devices including real-time events lists, dose mapping and remote diagnostics.
  • Ergonomically balanced: Comfortable for prolonged use.
  • High reliability: Continuous and automatic end-to-end digital stabilization and health monitoring with no annual calibration required.

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