TRACE-PRO explosive detector

Hand-held  explosives trace detector for identification of potential threats

Feature Highlights:

  • Fast, accurate answers in less than 10 seconds to aid quick decision making
  • Intuitive guided software for ease of use in the field
  • Non-radioactive IMS technology
  • Multiple samples can be taken within 5 minutes of each other
  • Integrated evidence collection package
  • Only explosives detector capable of using commercial AA and rechargeable batteries
  • Fast clear down time

TRACE-PRO is a non-radioactive explosives trace detector designed for rapid and easy collection and analysis of samples from suspect items, materials or people.  Suited to the requirements of the Military, emergency responders, law enforcement officers, and security professionals who face the challenge of detecting explosives from multiple surfaces and locations – every day.

When time is short, TRACE-PRO significantly increases the number of samples that can be analysed, providing a more efficient screening operation. Evidence collection is also made easy with an on-board camera and GPS, with all data collated into a single file.

TRACE-PRO is a trade mark of Smiths Detection Group Ltd

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