Search Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-11GN SPECTRA

SPRD SPECTRA is intended to detect, localize and identify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation as well as the amplitude gamma spectra. The device identifies radionuclides with indication of the category that they belong to (in compliance with the IAEA requirements).  It is used to prevent the illicit transfer of these materials across state borders, as well as at the companies and institutions dealing with gamma and neutron radiation sources.

Available in two colours: yellow and olive green (NATO green). Upon customer’s request, we can produce SPECTRA in only the gamma version (without neutron channel).

Purpose of Use

  • Identification of the radionuclides type by their amplitude gamma spectra
  • Determination of gamma and neutron radiation intensity
  • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma and X-ray radiation (photon-ionizing radiation)
  • Indication of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of neutron radiation
  • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent (DE) of gamma and X-ray radiation
  • Saving amplitude gamma spectra and events logs in the non-volatile memory

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