SASS 2400 – Low-Volume Wet Air Sampler

The SASS 2400 is our smallest wetted-wall aerosol particle collection system. It is designed to operate with a much lower air flow and fluid sample volume than the SASS 2300, while still employing the highly successful wetted wall aerosol collection strategy that has received U.S. Department of Homeland Security Certification under the U.S. Safety Act of 2002. It is available in a case (as seen in the photo) or as OEM components. This is the only wet-type air sampler technology that has been shown able, in concert with real-time PCR, to efficiently collect and identify airborne viruses. It has, for example, been successfully used to detect the airborne viral pathogens that cause exotic Newcastle disease and hoof-and-mouth disease, as well as strains of avian flu virus.


  • 40 LPM wetted wall cyclone
  • An onboard sample vial filling station
  • A water reservoir sufficient for 7 days of operation
  • Makeup water metering via onboard peristaltic pump
  • Peristaltic pump/pinch valvebased fluid sample routing
  • Impact- and water-resistant case
  • Convenient tube stub inlet and threaded outlet port
  • Firmware upgradeable and/or customizable via the RS-232 port
  • 30,000 hour blower

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