SASS 2300 – Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

The SASS 2300 is a highly efficient, portable multi‐stage wetted‐wall cyclone sampler that extracts particulates and watersoluble chemical vapors from air and transfers them to a liquid phase for later detection and analysis. This user‐friendly sampler has been field‐tested and used at a number of facilities including subway systems, public health facilities, nuclear power plants, corporate mail rooms and poultry ranches. It has been proven to possess excellent collection properties. The SASS 2300 is the only wet‐type air sampler shown to efficiently collect virussized particles, and has been successfully used to detect the airborne viral pathogens that cause exotic Newcastle disease and hoof‐and‐mouth disease, as well as some strains of avian flu virus.


  • Extended collection periods
  • Liquid sample volume unaffected by ambient conditions
  • User‐specified automated protocols
  • Onboard sample vial filling
  • Wireless control option
  • Threaded inlet and outlet ports
  • Long‐life primary and rechargeable battery options

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