RDS 2000 – radioactive decontamination agent

The RDS 2000 radioactive decontamination agent has been developed by the Bundeswehr Scientific Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC Protection, and Kärcher. It is a concentrate consisting of two separate components for the production of a radioactive decontaminant to be used for the decontamination of surfaces contaminated with radioactive particles. It is applied as foam using the known application devices. After the respective period of time needed for the decontamination agent to become active it is rinsed off together with the radioactive contaminants by means of a high-pressure water jet and preferably collected in appropriate collection basins for further disposal.

The high efficiency of RDS 2000 in radioactive decontamination is a result of the specific combination of an aqueous surfactant solution system with appropriate complexing agents, oxidants or other auxiliary substances. With regard to environmental compatibility, RDS 2000 meets the requirements of water pollution class 1 (low hazard for water).

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