QuikTest Bioscreen -Suspicious Powder Pre-Screening Kit

QuikTest Bioscreen is a cost-effective, reliable tool to quickly and easily determine whether a powder contains biological material and warrants further testing.

The QuikTest Bioscreen kit is designed to help first responders quickly determine whether a suspicious powder may contain a bioterror agent. The kit can rule out the presence of pathogens or toxins in just five minutes, enabling public safety personnel to immediately screen for potential biothreats in the field before a definitive assessment can be made through laboratory testing.


  •  Fast: 15 minutes to train, five minutes to results
  • Provides a simple indicator of a potential biological threat
  • Rules out 87% of powders that cause citizens to call 911
  • Save time and resources, and reduce citizen concern over false alarms
  • Used by more than 450 first responder teams and government agencies nationwide
  • Simultaneously screens for the possible presence of multiple agents
  • Laboratory proven to detect anthrax, plague, and ricin
  • Economical
  • Tested by the US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Metropolitan Health Research Center in Tokyo, and the Battelle Memorial Institute

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