QuikChek Aerosol Simulants for Chemical & Biological Agents

QuikChek™ Sources is Research International’s aerosol simulant, designed to administer a small aerosol challenge to equipment used in chemical and biological collection, detection and identification. Many situations arise where it would be useful to have a method for qualitatively determining that equipment is working. With gas detectors, a small pulse of gas is commonly administered to the equipment before it is taken out into the field to see if an upscale reading is obtained. This safety measure is called a “bump test” and shows that the equipment is operational.

For performing both chemical and biological bump tests, we provide QuikChek™, a medical inhaler that has been charged with a nontoxic pressurized propellant and in the case of biological bump tests, a small amount of simulant powder.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Toxin simulants
  • Spore simulants
  • Chemical/flammable gas simulant
  • Repeatable dosage
  • Long life: over 100 shots
  • Nontoxic

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