NEUTREX Disrupter

Following an extensive research and development program in association with the RCMP’s Canadian Bomb Data Center and the EOD Technicians of the Sureté du Québec, Proparms’ engineering and manufacturing team introduced a Disrupter capable of disarming IED packages of approximately 16 kg (35 lbs.).  The operator requires no additional training on this Disrupter. Function and preparation for deployment is the same as for the 20mm Neutrex.  With a Recoil Reduced Venturi and Clamp in aluminium, the Unit may still be hand carried.  A Gas Cylinder recoil system has been incorporated into the mount so that the Disrupter may be mounted on a robot as well.

Removable Safety Pin in Breech Block for safeguard against premature discharge.

  • The 29mm Neutrex may be used in either manual or robotic deployment.
  • Ignition voltage at 24 volts renders the system compatible with remote vehicle power supplies.
  • The Stand has a unique cable-locking cam to secure firing line. Setup and deployment is approx. 2 1 minutes (similar to 20mm Neutrex).
  • Incorporated Gas Cylinder recoil system reduces recoil by 30%.  Recoil Reduced Venturi further reduces recoil by 15% (water shots only).

Water disrupter enables neutralization from a distance of up to 8m.

Available in  12,5 mm, 20mm & 29 mm calibers.

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