KUNZ Trakmat Ground Reinforcement Mat

Our offer includes mats for ground reinforcement, such as:

– Heavy Duty mats;

used when the bearing capacity of the ground is higher than 1-2 of the CBR (California Bearing Ratio)

– Standard mats;

used when the bearing capacity of the soil is higher than 3-5 of the CBR classification

The above-mentioned mats are made of polypropylene fabric with galvanized steel wire and spring steel reinforcement rolled on an originally designed steel sheet core with rollers at both ends for joining a beam.

Standard mat dimensions:

8m2 (2m x 4m); 24m2 (12m x 2m); 48m2 (12m x 4m); 100m2 (25m x 4m)

– “Easy Trak” light mats;

primarily intended for cars and trucks, they can also be used for light aircraft (up to 6 tons total weight) if the soil bearing capacity is higher than 2 to 3 CBR

The “Easy Trak” mat is made of polypropylene fabric reinforced with epoxy glass rods.

Mat dimentions: 54m2 (length 18m, width 3m)

Set: 4 earth anchors, 4 anchor belts, 1 suitcase

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