KUNZ Tethering Equipment

KUNZ offers Tethering Equipment for all sizes of aircraft up to A380


  • Four tethering lines, typical for aircraft up to A321, B737-900.
  • Six tethering lines, for aircraft up to B757, B767, B777, A300, A310, A330, A340.
  • Eight tethering lines, typical for aircraft up to A350, B787, B747, B777, A380.

Advantages of KUNZ Tethering

  • Tethering Slings are also applicable as a lifting sling.
  •  Sets can easily be upgraded at any time.

KUNZ Tethering Equipment:

  • Tension Meter with Digital Load Indicator
  • Pulling/Winching Unit
  • Steel Cable
  • Earth Anchor
  • Upgrade Kit for Tethering Equipment in soft soil conditions


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