KUNZ Recovery Trailer

KUNZ Recovery Trailers help to reduce the downtime of an entire airport or parts thereof. They reduce the risk of secondary damage to a recoverable aircraft to a minimum.

The recovery trailer can be used in nose gear or main gear collapse scenarios. The trailer with the equivalent transition equipment replaces the collapsed gear of the aircraft.

The KUNZ Recovery Trailer for narrow-body aircraft consists of 3 main components, which are used for different recovery scenarios:

The platform trailer with a payload of 40 t is used as the base element for the transitions and is equipped with swivel axles to compensate for uneven terrain. During mechanical steering, all axle lines are affected due to steering rods. Towing can be performed from both sides of the trailer.

Our offer includes trailers with a capacity of 40 tons and 90 tons

Trailers are suitable for:

– narrow-body aircraft ( B737, B757, A320 and smaller)

– wide body airplanes ( B747, B767, A330, A340, A350)

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