KUNZ Aircraft Recovery Dolly

KUNZ tow trucks are used to quickly remove stuck aircraft from runways or taxiways in the event of punctured tires or damaged wheels.

Depending on the required load on the platform, our offer includes the following types of trolleys:

Dolly 10:

for aircraft types: ATR 42/72, Dash 7, F 27/50/70, Metroliner

Dolly 30:

for medium-sized aircraft: A319, A320, A321, B737, B737, B757

Dolly 50:

for medium-sized aircraft of the following types: A320, A340-200,, B737, B767

Dolly 90:

for wide-body airplanes: A340, A380, B747, B777

All trolleys feature a solid, welded U-shaped structure with a stationary platform and a rotating access ramp. The platform is steered by steering rods.

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