GDS 2000 – chemical decontamination agent

GDS 2000 is a non-aqueous decontamination agent based on alkoxides. It is intended for the quick and effective detoxification of all known chemical warfare agents (including thickened chemical warfare agents) on surfaces of military and defence material (particularly armoured or non-armoured vehicles as well as other military equipment) within the temperaturę range of approx. -30°C to + 49°C, e. g. including under harsh winter conditions.

Compared to other decontaminants (aqueous decontamination solutions, decontamination emulsions or foams) GDS 2000 is readily available so that technical systems for the production under field conditions are not required, and only application units are needed. This reduces the failure susceptibility of the respective decontamination systems while the reliable availability is considerably increased.

The comparatively high reactivity of GDS 2000, even at low temperatures, minimises the required reaction time. This leads to a drastic reduction of the necessary decontamination times and enables increased throughput of the vehicles, equipment, etc., to be decontaminated. GDS 2000 decon agent is a product of Kärcher Futuretech GmbH.

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