Detect IV

DetectIV is a revolution in the detection of electronic eavesdropping devices. For the first time four key methods of detection have been integrated into one easy-to-use unit designed to provide anyone with the ability to detect and locate electronic eavesdropping devices.

Just as protecting your computer requires action against different threats such as viruses and hacking, different types of electronic eavesdropping device require different methods of detection. Until now this has meant using several different types of equipment, each specialising in a different threat.

Integrating four main detection methods, DetectIV provides the most comprehensive search tool available. As well as addressing the various eavesdropping threats the combined sensors work together to enhance the search capability, providing a more complete picture of the search environment. Much as we humans use all our senses in unison when searching for an object, all of DetectIV’s sensors combine to allow more accurate judgement about a detected device.

Light and portable with an excellent battery life, DetectIV is easily transported and can be used with minimal training and is the ideal tool for securing today’s business meeting.

User Benefits

  • Designed for non-technical users to conduct effective and thorough searches
  • Integrated use of sensors optimises detection of suspicious devices
  • Simplified presentation of complex information
  • User-friendly touch-screen controls
  • Clear indication of targets
  • Simultaneous sensor sweep significantly reduces search times
  • Cost-effective solution for bug detection
  • Ergonomic light-weight design for comfortable operation
  • Compact for easy transportation
  • Integrated scanning receiver, non-linear junction detector, broadband receiver and metal detector scan in turn five times per second providing real time information

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