Decocontain 3000

The Decocontain 3000 is a container-based, multi-purpose and highly mobile decontamination system featuring all the major components required for a complete decontamination centre. All the steps needed for the thorough decontamination of people, personal equipment, vehicles and sections of road can be performed with this unit.

The Decocontain 3000 is ready to use in less than 30 minutes, and in one hour it can decontaminate up to 120 persons, 8 to 12 vehicles and 20 to 30 sets of equipment. All the necessary modules and components are integrated in the 20’ decontamination system in an ideal way. The system features a central electricity generator to supply all modules and components. Thanks to its integrated water tank, the system can temporarily be operated without an external water supply. Decontamination agents can be stored in the container for use on deployment.

The flexible and mobile Decocontain 3000 can be used both on the carrier vehicle and separately. It can be loaded onto a variety of carrier vehicles.

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