The threat of the use of chemical or biological weapons by the Russians

Due to the current unstable geopolitical situation in Europe, we receive more and more new information about the danger of Russia using chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

From information posted on Twitter by White House press secretary Ms Jen Psaki: “Now that Russia has made these false claims, and China appears to have backed this propaganda, we should all be wary of Russia’s possible use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or for false-flag operation using it. It’s a clear pattern. ”

Psaki also stated that “Russia’s claims are disinformation and the spreading of conspiracy theories and an attempt to create false pretenses for aggression against Ukraine. She added that the US does not have and is not working on biological and chemical weapons, unlike Russia, which used such weapons, for example, against Alexei Navalny “.




Cooperation with BLOCK Engineering and PCA Technologies

Due to the constant desire to develop, Pimco Sp. z o.o. is looking for new solutions in the field of CBRN threat detection and related fields.

We are pleased to announce that Pimco has started cooperation with two new foreign partners: BLOCK Engineering and PCA Technologies. Both companies are leaders on the international market and present technological solutions at the highest level. LaserWarn (BLOCK Engineering) and the OlfoSense device (PCA Technologies) are a response to the needs of our customers in the field of the environment.

Block Engineering’s LaserWarn is an open gas detection system based on patented quantum cascade laser technology, while OlfoSense was developed to assess the impact of odor emissions over large areas.

For more information about the products please visit the “Products” page.