The MPDS 2 is a diesel driven multipurpose unit for a great variety of decontamination jobs.

With a capacity of up to 1500 litres an hour and a pressure of up to 110 bar, the modular, diesel driven MPDS 2 is a multi-purpose unit for cleaning and decontamination. As well as cold water, it can also produce hot water up to 60 °C and superheated steam up to 140 °C. In the standard version, a great variety of cleaning and decontamination jobs can be performed in simultaneous, dual-lance mode. By integrating two two-component dosing units, the unit can work with numerous commercially available decontamination and cleaning agents, and therefore clean or decontaminate a vast range of different materials. The unit can also be equipped to work with three lances. This enables simultaneous pre-treatment, main treatment and post-treatment using virtually any kind of commercially available decontamination and cleaning agents. An integrated power generator, an optional pump for non-aqueous chemicals, and the two-component dosing unit transform the MPDS 2 into an autonomous, stand-alone decontamination system. The innovative and clear layout of the user interface enables fast and intuitive operation. Easy transport is guaranteed by the unit’s compact and robust design in a stackable tubular frame based on the dimensions of a euro pallet compatible. The MPDS 2 is the smallest and most efficient decontamination unit in its class.