Recovery equipment for airports

Recovery equipment by KUNZ GmbH.

KUNZ Aircraft Recovery Lift Bags RLB. Pneumatic elevators to lift aircraft of any size in ‘gear collapsed’ scenarios. RLB are made of drop thread fabric and coated with a proven, durable rubber compound. RLB sets and sizes are available for all civil and military aircraft.

Disabled Aircraft Recovery Trailer are available in two sizes, 40 tonnes and 80 tonnes capacity to move narrow and wide bodied aircraft in NLG or MLG collapsed scenarios. Specially designed transition equipment for aircraft fuselage and wing reduces the risk of secondary damage during movement and speeds up the recovery process.

Aircraft Emergency Towing Set. Two load cells with digital indication equipment, round slings and shackles mounted in aluminium case. Permittable towing load can be set to give visual and acoustical signal if load is exceeded. Peak load is frozen in memory. Sets available for 30, 55 and 80 tons capacity per landing gear.

MammothTrakmat® Ground Reinforcement Mat is a fast deployment fabric with steel wire enforcements to increase load bearing capacity of soft ground for aircraft recovery operations.