UAV-Based Aerosol Collectors and Detectors

Research International, Inc. is partnering with the Russian company ENICS to offer the world community unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with integrated CBRN capability. These systems offer the user new levels of capability and flexibility. Most CBRN detection devices are point sensors — that is, they provide target detection and identification at one location. This can be mitigated to an extent by mounting the sensor to a person or vehicle, but in either case travel is limited to the area accessible by foot, vehicle, or boat. Typically the only solution for wide area monitoring is to deploy a sensor array, locating them at what are hoped to be optimal points as determined by average seasonal or yearly weather conditions and local topography.

In contrast, sensors on a UAV platform can perform monitoring and surveillance tasks virtually independent of ground conditions; search patterns can be varied in response to immediate weather conditions; and sensors can be deployed to other venues with little advance notice. One sensor-equipped UAV can perform the same level of surveillance as 12 to 24 fixed location sensors and with greatly increased flexibility. Possible application areas include:

  • Agriculture
  • Public health
  • Oil industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Homeland security
  • First responders
  • Police
  • Military
  • Public event security

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