The ASAP II postal processing system

The ASAP II postal processing system is a fully automated CBRNe detection and identification system that screens mail in real time for all types of agents. The system can be configured to meet each customer’s exact threat deterrent requirements. Used in conjunction with a downdraft table in a negative pressure room, the system protects the operator and the facility from agent contamination. The system will rapidly screen letters, overnight mail, and boxes. The biothreat component of the system can be set up to detect and identify from two to four bioagents in real time.

The chemical, explosive particle, drugs of abuse, and radiation components of the system will detect, identify and report in less than 20 seconds.


  • All CBRNe threats can be monitored for and identified
  • Wet bioassays detect spores, bacteria, viruses and toxins
  • 99.3% functional availability
  • Targets detected in aerosol, liquid or solid form
  • Minimal or no sample prepreparation
  • Fast: 15-20 minutes for bioagents
  • CRNe & drugs of abuse are detected
  • Low per-measurement costs
  • On-board storage of all fluids and reagents: up to 5 days
  • Sample collection periods can range from minutes to hours

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