Scanlock M3

The Scanlock M3 is a major advancement in the field of Technical Surveilance Counter Measures (TSCM).

The Scanlock M3 includes all the tools necessary to detect, identify and locate suspicious signals within a secure area, real time analysis of signals comes as standard and the integrated detector channels (Advanced system) can identify the majority of telecomms signals which will be present in the modern office environment.

Scanlock M3 – User Benefits:

  • wider frequency range to cover the vast majority of threats (Advanced system)
  • improved scan rates to capture the fastest burst type threats
  • analogue and digital (Advanced system) detection capabilities to cover the majority of threats in the modern radio environment
  • ergonomic packaging design, smaller lighter and easier to use
  • multi use antenna to enhance system performance to 10GHz (Advanced system)
  • network connectivity for remote control and monitoring (Advanced system)
  • Desk-mountable to provide continuous monitoring during meeting
  • user friendly icon based user interface with multi-lingual help facility
  • graphical spectral analysis software for signal analysis, remote access and historical data storage (Advanced system)

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