PROMETHEUS – The new quality of chemical and radiological contamination detection.

PROMETHEUS – an automatic contamination indicator – is an outcome of Pimco’s 10 years of experience in development and practical implementation of contamination threat detection field. The system has received the Republic of Poland President’s Award during the International Exhibition – MSPO 2014.

The core base of ACI PROMETHEUS is the IMS technology (Ion Mobility Spectroscopy) able to detect and identify the Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals. In addition to that, the system has the possibility of monitoring the concentration of harmful substances (CO and NO amongst others) in the vehicle interior. Unique technical design of the system allows to reach exceptionally high level of precision and short detection times while detecting Chemical Warfare Agents – within single seconds (depending on the substance concentration). At the same time, the system has very low false-alert incidence, and is highly resistant against disruptions. Thanks to a high level of resistance against weather and ambient conditions, including humidity and dust, it is possible to install the device both within the vehicle and on the exterior.

PROMETHEUS is the only contamination indicator available on the market to provide the multi-level information on present chemical and radiological contamination, indicating approximate level given in mg/m3 units. PROMETHEUS integrated with JASMIN – System of Systems, produced by our partner TELDAT – is able to provide and visualize on digital maps instant dissemination of threat information to anywhere in the World and control vehicle effectors depending on the type of detected hazard, e.g. turning the filtration and ventilation system, or stop the vehicle’s engine.

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