ICOR Technology Mini-CALIBER®

ICOR Technology Mini-CALIBER®

SWAT robot


The lightweight, Mini-CALIBER® is a one man transportable robot for SWAT and EOD operators. Developed for tactical missions, the robot is simple to operate and quick to deploy, providing fast action for searching rooms, hallways, stairwells and confined spaces.

The Mini-CALIBER® includes a manipulator arm on a rotating turret with a 10X zoom camera on the claw. The arm will lift objects up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg), deliver packages and open doors. The zoom camera will reach up to 64” (163 cm), high enough to look into car windows and the horizontal reach of 53” (135 cm) allows for under vehicle searches. Movement of the turret and wrist enables the claw mounted 10X zoom camera to pan and tilt.

CBRNE detectors and sensors can be mounted onto the deck of the robot chassis, assisting first responders in identifying hazardous items. Various types of disruptors can be mounted using disruptor mounts specially designed for the Robot. The compact platform measures less than 16” (40 cm) wide, allowing it to drive down aisles of planes, buses and other confined spaces. Powerful 24V DC variable drive motors achieve speeds up to 2.5 mph (4 km/h) and handle rough terrain, rocks and snow with ease. The polyurethane tracks and articulating front and rear flippers allow the robot to effortlessly climb stairs and inclines between 40° and 45°.

Weighing only 5.2 lbs (2.3 kg) the handheld CCU is truly portable and intuitive to use. The robot is controlled through a variable speed joystick and incorporates 2-way audio for crisis negotiation. Clear images are transmitted to the 5.8” (14.7 cm) LCD daylight readable screen over a wireless RF system.


  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • Inspection of planes, trains & buses
  • Barricaded suspect / crisis negotiation
  • Deliver / retrieve packages
  • Open doors and move objects
  • Under-vehicle inspection
  • IEDD identification & disposal
  • Intelligence gathering


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