CHERDES® III – Chemical and Radiological Warfare Detector

CHERDES® III is the smallest but most technically advanced of the CHERDES® family of detectors. Thus apart from being about third of the size of the others has the lowest alarm thresholds without compromising on false alarm levels. It is also unique in that it does not have a radiation source.

The CHERDES® III instrument comprises just two component parts; the chemical, radiological and nuclear blast sensors housed in one unit and the display/alarm panel in a seperate housing. This allows for this compact instrument to be installed in the most confined space available in such conditions, for example, as found in small reconnaissance vehicles.

CHERDES®III system is designed for:

  • Detection of toxic chemical warfare agents using Ion Mass Spectroscopy technology (IMS),
  • Detection of selected TICʼs (usually chlorine and ammonia) from the lowest admissible level of detection, with the alert being started with the highest admissible level possible
  • Chemical contamination detection from the very low concentration level (below myosis point)
  • Radiological contamination detection with the use of the most modern technologies (excluding the need of use of radiation source)
  • Rugged design and very durable materials used 

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