Under Vehicle Inspection System

Available systems:

  1. Mobile system:
    1. with rubber pads
    2. with aluminium ramps

Mobile systems description:

  • easy to display within the hour
  • provide a crystal clear image of the bottom of the vehicle – from small cars to trucks
  • unbeaten quality of the images

Stationary system description

  • LED lighting use
  • can be installed „almost invisible” in the road surface
  • long life and low power consumption

Main features of systems:

  • Unique crystal clear high contrast images
  • Still standing images, extreme zoom capabilities
  • Grey scale technology
  • Unique invert and compare functionality
  • Robust design for rugged application
  • Various mobile and stationary versions

Extra options:

  • licence plate recognition system
  • automatic comparison
  • additional workstation
  • central server