MPDS – a multi-purpose decontamination system

The MPDS is a diesel-driven multi purpose decontamination system for the application of cold water, hot water, hot steam (140°C) or dry steam (210°C). Due to its modular construction a universal application as a single unit or an integration in complex decontamination systems is possible. The MPDS module is a diesel driven and easy to use multi-purpose decontamination module for the application of cold water, hot water (80°C), hot steam (140°C), respectively dry steam (210°C) for the cleaning and decontamination as well as the generation of hot water. Due to its modular design the MPDS can be used as single application or integrated in a decontamination system, i.e. the CDS 1000 GDS. The MPDS can be used among others in the following fields of operation: high pressure cleaning (for the decontamination of persons and external decontamination), tank gas release and the defusing of ammunition.