CHERDES® II – Chemical and Radiological Warfare Detector

Complimentary to CHERDES® I system, among other significant improvements the possibility of detecting chlorine and ammonium has been added.

Key features of CHERDES® II

  • Detection of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals using IMS technology
  • Two detection “lines” for detection of blood, blister and choking agents
  • Rapid detection of toxic warfare agents (within single seconds)
  • Very short time needed for self-cleaning of the device after threat detection (less than 1 minute on average)
  • Generation of alarm signals after chemical warfare agent detection (turning on filter-ventilation system)
  • Automatic switching air inlet from outside to inside after detection of chemical contaminate (double air inlet)
  • Detection of selected TICʼs (usually chlorine and ammonia) from the highest admissible level of detection
  • Near Range Nuclear Blast Detection (up to 6 km) – protection against shock wave, switching off vehicle engine and closure of air inlets for 1 minute
  • Measuring dose rate and gamma radiation dose